5 Times You Need to Call A Certified Arborist

When Should I Call a Certified Arborist?

More often than not, tree care is fairly do-it-yourself. Situations rarely arise when you need to contact a tree care professional like a certified arborist. When the trees around your home are healthy and properly cared for they can add tremendous value to your life and even increase your property value. In contrast, trees that do not receive routine attention and care can pose a danger to your property, your family, and even your community. 

Trees require regular care to ensure their longevity, health, and beauty. Should they experience a pest infestation, diseases, or damage, intensive care from a certified arborist is required. 

What Does a Certified Arborist Do?

A certified arborist specializes in all aspects of tree management. This includes everything from tree pruning and trimming to disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Certified arborists are also knowledgeable in the most up-to-date safety regulations, and industry technologies surrounding all aspects of tree care.

At Atlas Tree, our certified arborists are proudly recognized as leaders in the tree management industry. Have any concerns about the trees on your property? Do not hesitate to contact the Atlas Tree team for guidance

Below we outline five times you need to consult the expertise of a certified arborist to ensure the health, safety, and beauty of the trees on your property.

1. Routine Tree Health Inspections

If you want a tree to live a long, healthy life it will require check-ups every now and again. Arborists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of any tree-related health concerns including pest infestations, and diseases. Through regular tree health inspections, your arborists can easily identify and care for any concerns you may have about your trees. 

During a routine health inspection trees are assessed for any signs of distress or illness. Arborists will document the overall condition of the tree and its environment. Your arborist will then provide recommendations or treatment plans depending on what will benefit your tree the most.

2. Need Large Tree Removal

Neglecting to have dead or dying trees removed can lower your property value. It can also pose a danger to your family, home, and neighbors. Certified arborists are equipped to efficiently and safely remove trees of any size. But removing a large tree is especially laborious and can be incredibly dangerous if not performed by a professional. 

Unsure if a tree poses a danger and needs to be removed? Contact an arborist immediately for an inspection. 

3. Planting New Trees

If you have decided to plant trees around your home or business, congratulations! Trees can greatly increase the beauty of your landscape as well as add value to your property. So you will want to make sure your new investment is set up for success. Calling an arborist to assist you in planting new trees is important for a number of reasons:

How to Choose the Best Types of Tree for your Property

An arborist will help you choose the best type of tree for your needs. They will also identify species that will grow the most successfully on your property.  

How to Choose the Best Place to Plant a Tree

An arborist will also heavily consider the proper placement of the new trees. They will ensure you plant them in an area that is most suitable for their growth. They will factor in everything from sunlight, drainage, and the nutritional value of your soil. Arborists will also consider the future growth of the tree’s root system to ensure no piping, sidewalks, or building foundations will ever be disturbed. 

How to Care for Young Trees

Young or newly planted or transplanted trees can be extra vulnerable to a number of environmental factors. A certified arborist will help you take the best steps to minimize any of these threats. Your arborist can also give you personalized guidance. They can help you care for the unique needs of your young trees to ensure that they grow healthy, strong, and beautiful.

4. Need Professional Tree Pruning

Irregular trimming or improper tree pruning can lead to personal injury, property damage, and even the loss of a tree entirely. Knowing when and how to prune your trees is also imperative to their longevity and health. 

When you work with a certified arborist, they will establish a routine trimming and pruning schedule. It will be specific to what benefits your trees the most. Your arborists can also easily spot any potential environmental threats, for instance, pest invitations. These could leave your tree too vulnerable to illicit pruning until it is eradicated. 

5. Need Wildfire Defensible Space Maintenance

Fire season is something Sonoma County and many other California residents are all too aware of. Minimizing the impact wildfires have on our community starts with maintaining wildfire defensible spaces. You can attain good wildfire defensible space through responsible vegetation management and tree care. 

Working with a certified arborist can help you establish a beautiful, yet strategic wildfire defensible space around your home or business. The certified arborists at Atlas Tree have dedicated their careers to combat the rising threat of wildfires in our community. You can create and maintain a defensible space through proactive landscaping and vegetation management. This is the best way to prepare your property for future wildfire seasons.

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