Vegetation Management

Managing vegetation includes the targeted control and removal of undesirable vegetation like weeds, brush, potentially hazardous plant life, and much more. Vegetation management in residential settings, natural environments, roadways, and around critical utilities can pose a number of challenges and hazards. 

At Atlas Tree, we have the expertise and equipment required to provide fully integrated vegetation management services. 

Why Vegetation Management is Important

While organic debris can be an eyesores, it can also cause many issues beyond general aesthetics. Unmanaged vegetation can harbour rodents and other pests that can cause damage to property, spread disease, and lead to bigger problems with much more costly solutions. If left unattended to, overgrown vegetation can also cause roadway obstructions, destruction of utilities, property damage, personal injury, and increased risk of wildfire. 

The Atlas Tree team understands the importance of proper vegetation management and can help significantly reduce these risks, and ensure the safety, health, and beauty of the environment.

Fire Fuel Reduction

Protecting our landscape and property from the threat of wildfires begins with targeted vegetation management to reduce fire fuels. Neglecting to maintain vegetated areas leads to higher risk of fires and increased severity at which they can burn and spread.

Fire Fuel Reduction Services: 

  • Pruning low hanging tree branches
  • Removing hazardous trees
  • Thin overgrown weeds, shrubs, brush, and grasses
  • Remove dead or overgrown plant material
  • Remove roof and gutter hazards

At Atlas Tree, our goal is to create and maintain a safer environment by providing expert vegetation management to reduce the risk of wildfires throughout California. Our certified arborists can identify high risk areas that are more susceptible to fire and eliminate potential fire fuels.

Building a Defensible Space to Reduce Vulnerability to Wildfires

At Atlas Tree, we adhere to all of the guidelines provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) on how to properly safeguard properties from wildfires. This requires establishing and maintaining 100 feet of wildfire defensible space on residential and commercial properties to reduce the risk of damage in the event of a fire. This space will also provide a safe area for firefighters and other first responders to safely slow or stop the spread of the fire.

High Weed Mowing

In many areas of Northern California property owners are required to maintain areas of high weeds and grasses due to highly enforced weed abatement inspections. Our team provides high weed mowing services to help ensure properties remain in compliance with these regulations.

Brush Clearing

Professional brush clearing can help prepare a site for construction or development, reduce vegeative fire fuels, increase property value, and control pests. The Atlas brush removal team is able to efficiently remove overgrown vegetation, weeds, stumps, and other organic debris from sites of any size to ensure a clean slate.

Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

A “Right-of-Way” is the section of land between a property line and the edge of the street that typically contains utility lines, drainage ditches, sidewalks, gutters, etc.  Right-of-Way Vegetation Management is essential to maintaining the safety and functionality of these areas. The type of vegetation management required in these areas will depend on the function of the right-of-way. 

Our certified arborists at Atlas Tree can provide ongoing Right-of-Way vegetation management to ensure these areas are safe and clear of overgrowth that could inhibit the functionality of the space. 

Contact Our Certified Arborists for Vegetation Management Services

For over 30 years, our commercial and residential customers have trusted the knowledge and expertise of Atlas Tree for all of their vegetation management needs. We are proud to provide all of our clients with the peace of mind that their property is beautifully maintained, free of potential hazards, and less vulnerable to wildfires.

Take the first step towards protecting your property by contacting the certified arborists at Atlas Tree today to learn more about our vegetation management services.