gardener mulching flower bed with pine tree bark mulch

7 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Yard

There is much more to mulch than what meets the eye. Adding mulch to your yard is an essential part of gardening and landscaping. Not only does this rough, earthy compound bring character to your environment, but it also has a slew of other benefits that can really bolster your property’s overall wellbeing.

Certified arborist climbing a tree for inspection

5 Times You Need to Call A Certified Arborist

When Should I Call a Certified Arborist? More often than not, tree care is fairly do-it-yourself. Situations rarely arise when you need to contact a tree care professional like a…

Use a scratch test to figure out if it’s time to have your tree removed

Is It Time To Have My Tree Removed?

Trees are a natural species that are fundamental components of the ecosystem. However, when trees develop complications, such as disease or structural flaws, it may be time to consider having…

Pruning a tree with shears by the tree care professionals at Atlas Tree

What are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

Proper tree pruning is vital for enhancing a tree’s appearance and maintaining it for a long, safe life. Wonder why your tree may not be the shining star of the neighborhood? Pruning may be the answer.