What are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

3 Reasons Proper Tree Pruning is Essential for Your Tree

Professionally pruning a tree with shears

Proper tree pruning is a vital step in the tree care process for enhancing its appearance and maintaining it for a long, safe life.

Pruning and trimming involve removing specific tree branches, such as those that are dead, diseased, or growing improperly. Expertise is required to know just what branches need to be cut and which are necessary for continued, healthy growth. Avoid improper tree pruning! It can cause irreversible tree damage and even lead to tree death.

Regular tree trimming will help maintain the integrity of your trees, improve the tree’s longevity and decrease the likelihood of potential damage from severe weather.

1. A Healthy Tree Depends on Proper Pruning

It may feel counterintuitive to cut your tree back for strong growth, but pruning provides the support it needs for longevity. Start pruning when the tree is young to get it started on the path of structural integrity!

  • Pruning dead branches and diseased limbs allow the tree to develop newer, stronger branches to withstand high winds and major storms
  • Eliminate pests by removing the unhealthy branches and limbs that they call home
  • Cutting off branches that are overgrown and heavy will allow the tree to continue its growth
  • Removing dense foliage allows sunlight and moisture to get to essential branches, keeping them healthier

Be aware of the branches you are trimming to ensure it’s best for the health and strength of the tree. Atlas Tree Surgery’s certified arborists specialize in identifying and optimizing tree pruning for a long, healthy life!

2. Tree Trimming Keeps Your Family Safe

Pruning is not just for the tree’s health, it’s also important for keeping you, your family, and your property safe as well. 

  • Dead and diseased limbs are weak and heavy, making them prone to fall and hurt or damage anything below
  • Fallen limbs can block sidewalks and roadways, creating confusion and danger in the area until it is removed
  • Limbs that grow over homes and commercial buildings pose a serious threat to the structure and can lead to costly damage

Prune problem branches to promote a safer environment that can be enjoyed without the worry of damage and injury. It’s important to identify these dangers and take care of them in a timely manner. Professionals like our certified arborists can easily spot problems before they become costly issues!

3. Sculpt the Tree You Want with Pruning

Trees are often the centerpiece of a yard, a monolith above all to provide shade and beauty to the setting. Professionally shape and trim trees into proper form to allow maximum healthy growth that looks great too.

  • Pruned trees remove dense foliage to allow sunlight and rain to reach the flowers, plants, and grass below
  • Removing branches that block views of your yard makes the space feel bigger and more spacious
  • Removing offending branches to smooth and even out uneven growth patterns

The Atlas crew professionals specialize in landscape maintenance that includes tree pruning to enhance the natural beauty of your property!  

Have Your Trees Pruned by Atlas’ Certified Arborists

Properly trimming a tree is much more than snipping off branches indiscriminately. It takes precision and expertise to achieve safe, quality results. 

Atlas Tree Surgery has served the Sonoma County community and beyond with the highest quality tree care since 1982, specializing in tree management that promotes the health of the tree and a long-lasting life.

Interested in professional tree pruning by our certified arborists? Contact us today for a free quote.