Wildfire Recovery + Defensible Space

Fire season is something Sonoma County and other Northern California residents (and beyond) are becoming far too familiar with. Fortunately, much of the damage to structures during a wildfire can be prevented with help from tree care experts like those at Atlas Tree.

Wildfires can ravage structures and surrounding landscape, but with proper preventative measures put in place, damages can be drastically reduced. Not only can our tree care professionals help prevent the destruction cause by fire, Atlas Tree can help your property recover from the aftermath quickly and effectively.

Hiring an experienced professional is important to keep you and others safe from hazardous trees, debris, and unexpected situations. Contact us today if you need help defending or recovering from a wildfire.

Creating a Defensible Space on Your Property

While wildfires can actually be ecologically beneficial to the affected landscape, the same cannot be said for a property owner’s home or a business structures. The best thing you can do to protect your property from future wildfires is to create a defensible space around the structures on your property.

Defensible space landscaping creates a buffer between your buildings and the trees, grass, shrubs, and other natural elements around it. It will help to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and protect your structure from direct flames and radiant heat. 

Creating a defensible space around your home is also important for the firefighters working to protect your home from this type of natural disaster. Creating a defensible space ensures firefighters’ safety, while giving them space to efficiently do their job in protecting your home or business. While you might be envisioning a ring of bare dirt around your home, this is usually not the case. 

The tree care experts at Atlas Tree can help you establish a beautiful, strategic approach to creating a defensible space around your home. Our combined landscaping and defensible space knowledge will allow you to enjoy your property, while preparing it for future wildfire seasons.

Tree and Plant Recovery After a Wildfire

If your property has been affected by wildfire, it is important to clear the landscape of debris that will prevent trees and landscape from recovery. 

With a little help, burned trees can fully recover after a wildfire. Atlas Tree is here to assess fire-ravaged trees for damage and determine the best course of action to help them recover.

Planting trees after a wildfire helps to restore damaged ecosystems, stabilize soil, support the water cycle, and slowly recover the vital ecosystem services that we all depend on. With a safe and effective action plan in place, Atlas Tree can help restore your landscape to the thriving conditions you desire.

Removing Hazardous Trees After a Wildfire

Several factors play into the diagnosis of trees affected by wildfire, and it is best to contact professionals to determine if they are beyond saving and need to be removed. Hazardous, leaning, and deeply-burned trees require removal by knowledgable experts like those at Atlas Tree.

Call Our Certified Arborists for Fire Recovery and Remediation on Your Property

The Atlas Tree professionals are here to help you protect your property from future wildfire damage. If you need help developing a defensible space on your property to minimize damage and protect your home, call us today. 

If your property has been affected by recent Northern California wildfires, it is important to hire a professional to assess the damage and make informed decisions on moving forward.