Certified Arborists + Arborist Reports

To hold the title of a Certified Arborist, a tree care professional must complete and pass comprehensive examinations in the art and science of arboriculture. A certified arborist is dedicated to continuing to master their craft of specialized tree management throughout their career. They are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, techniques, and regulations to further advance their levels of efficiency and safety in tree management.

At Atlas Tree, our certified arborists are recognized as leaders in the tree care industry, and are proud to offer their expertise, knowledge, and the highest level of services to all our customers.

ISA certified arborist
ISA utility specialist
ISA certified tree worker
TCTA voice of tree care
CTSP tree care industry associations

What Plant Health Care Services do Certified Arborists Provide?

The certified arborists at Atlas Tree Care are qualified to safely and efficiently provide the highest quality residential and commercial tree care services.

The longer-term health and safety of a tree begin with proper tree management. At Atlas Tree, we specialize in full-service tree management, including preventative tree care, planting or transplanting, diagnosing and treatment, and ongoing tree maintenance.

Proper vegetation management is essential to reducing fire fuels and maintaining a safe landscape. We provide vegetation management services such as high weed mowing, brush clearing, utility hazard removal, and much more.

Tree care is hazardous work in general, but large tree removal can be especially dangerous. Successfully removing a tree requires the skill and knowledge of a certified arborist. At Atlas Tree Care, our arborists provide expert tree removal services and are equipped to efficiently and safely handle a job of any size.

In the event of a wildfire, it is possible for some trees to recover after being burned. But it is the responsibility of us all to prioritize public safety and remove any potentially hazardous trees before further damage is done.

At Atlas Tree, we provide full-service landscaping services for homes and business. Our arborists have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with lawn care, as well as planting, maintaining, and caring for many different tree, shrub, and plant species.

Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove a stump while causing minimal impact to the property. Our certified arborists can provide safe and complete stump and root removal on projects of any size.

At Atlas Tree, we provide sustainable green waste reduction services for large and small-scale sites. Green waste can refer to landscaping refuse from gardens or larger properties, land and brush clearing, wood and stump removal, and much more.

Utility vegetation management is essential to maintaining the safety of our environment and reducing the risk of fires and power outages. Atlas Tree’s utility line clearance services ensure the safety of our environment and the continued use of critical utilities.

Providing adequate deep root fertilization is a fundamental part of supporting strong growth and the longevity of a tree’s health. Our arborists can provide expert recommendations on optimal tree fertilization, root crown excavation, and deep root fertilization techniques for instances where severe root damage has occurred.

Establishing safe zones through proper tree care and vegetation management is essential to creating a defensible space on a property. The team at Atlas Tree Care can help maintain this defensible space to ensure the safety of the environment, and aid in reducing the risk and spread of wildfires.

Our Certified Arborists are available to provide the following certified reports:

  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Arboricultural Appraisals (AA)
  • Preliminary Arboricultural Report (PAR)
  • Exploratory Root Reports
  • Research and Data Analyses
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report (AIA)
  • Letter Report
  • Final Certifications

Hire a Certified Arborist for Tree Services

For over 30 years, the certified arborists at Atlas Tree have been providing expert tree care to residential and commercial property owners throughout California. We are dedicated to providing affordable tree services and personalized care to ensure our community’s health, safety, and beauty.

Contact the certified arborists at Atlas Tree today or call at (707) 523-4399 for all your tree care needs.