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Removing a dead tree might seem a simple task to many, but reality speaks otherwise! Without the right guidelines and tools, this can be one hell of a job to get accomplished. 

how to remove a dead tree
Removing a Dead Tree

Getting a tree removed requires tools, safety gear, the correct direction and angle you want your tree to fall, etc. However, to make things simple for you, we’ve shortlisted all the necessary steps and guides through which you can take down a tree. 

So, let’s wait for no further and binge on chopping some dead trees. 

Why Should You Remove Dead Trees from Your Property?

Well, there are many reasons why you would want to get dead trees removed from your property. Here we’ve shortlisted some of the significant reasons why you should get them removed. 

They Can be Dangerous

Dead tree branches are prone to falling and can easily damage your property’s roof, cars, and other structures. And the fuel hits the fire during extreme weather. These dead trees can get tossed during strong winds and can compromise your safety and the well-being of your property. 

Damaging Power Lines

One of the major issues you can face is dying trees. There are high chances that your dead trees can significantly affect the entire neighborhood. When a tree falls on any power line, it can disrupt the entire power line of the neighborhood, resulting in a massive outrage. 

If Your Property Doesn’t Have Insurance

Property owners who don’t have insurance may think of cutting down a dead tree. Now, this is the best option since if your dead tree topples over your property, you won’t be able to claim any money. So, in such cases, the best option would be to get these dead trees taken down by professionals

Pests Can be an Issue

Dead trees attract termites and carpenter ants, and soon you’ll notice the property is overrun with bugs. Rats nest on dead trees, so they can easily come indoors. Moreover, bee and wasp nests can be super difficult to remove.

Might Not be the Ideal Attraction

Believe it or not, dead trees don’t give the appeal of elegance. So, if you think why your yard is not as attractive as it used to be, well, dead trees can be to blame. 

How to Remove a Dead Tree?

So, here in this section, we’ll let you know the most effective method through which you can actually remove a dead tree. Therefore, read all the steps carefully and know all the nuts and bolts of how you can remove your dead tree. 

Step-1: Wear safety gear before cutting off the tree. Ensure that you are properly geared to avoid any possible injuries during your DIY. Here are some of the essential equipment you would require for your work. 

  • Helmet
  • Visors
  • Protective masks
  • Chaps (for larger trees)
  • Ankle-supporting boots (for larger trees)
  • High-quality gloves

Step-2: Clear the tree’s area and make sure that you keep your pets and children at a safe distance. Try to keep everyone double the tree’s height away to ensure no safety is compromised.

Step-3: Predict the tree’s collapse direction and chop in a way that it leans in the opposite direction you are in. It’s pretty crucial that you pick the direction with utmost seriousness. 

Step-4: Cut the dead tree at an angle using an axe or a saw. It’s recommended that you chop the tree at an angle of 70 degrees. Continue this chopping until you reach the tree’s diameter of 14.

Step-5: As the tree falls, make your getaway. Wait until the tree is totally down before returning. During this time, make sure that you’re nowhere near the falling tree. 

Safety Measures to Follow

In this section, we’ll focus on the safety measures that you’ll be required to follow during your dead tree removal tasks. The following safety measures will ensure you optimum safety facilities throughout your DIY. 

Task Analysis

Assess the task before starting. Check the weather to determine outdoor conditions. If wind or rain are expected, postpone the job. This is because the sun and little breeze are good for using ladders and sharp tools. So, before you binge on cutting the tree, the weather needs to be in your favor. 

The Right Tools

If you’re doing the task yourself, you’ll want to have the right tools. Now the reason is pretty straightforward, without the right weapon, you simply can’t expect to win the battle. The same is here; with the right tools, your overall task becomes simple and safe to conduct.

Wear Safety Gears

Wearing safety gear is a must, especially when you’re dealing with tree chopping. You should always wear a robust helmet along with gloves and goggles. All these gears will protect you from any mishaps. 

Keep the Area Protected

You want to ensure everyone’s safety when working with friends, family, or even coworkers. However, you also want to safeguard passersby. Before proceeding with your chopping, mark the area with orange cones to alert people regarding your work. In this way, you’ll be ensuring pedestrian safety too. 

Recycling the Dead Tree After Removal

1. Store Your Chopped Wood as Firewood

Storing cut-down trees as firewood is a simple technique to recycle your dead tree. However, not all trees are ideal for firewood, especially when not dried well. Therefore, make sure that the trees you pick for firewood are ideal.

2. Use as Furniture

Depending on the wood species and quality, stumps and straight branches can be used as chairs and tables. This is an amazing way to add bespoke furniture to your home while recycling your dead tree. 

3. Use for Wildlife Habitat

Keeping a log or brush pile near the boundary of your property can help wildlife. Many organisms use the pile for food and refuge. However, this method might not be allowed in many neighborhoods. Therefore, first, be sure before you can implement it. 

4. Include in Landscaping

Larger branches of your tree can be placed along the sides of pathways to avoid erosion and plant overgrowth. Use larger logs to terrace a steep property. This helps avoid erosion by flattening your yard. That’s not all; large logs can also be hollowed out to make planters and even aid you in protecting garden beds. 

Hire an Expert Professional

Hiring an expert will aid you in many ways, and we recommend that you seek professional assistance because removing a dead tree isn’t a child’s game. 

A professional tree remover will have all the essential equipment and tools to ensure your tree is properly removed without compromising your safety. Moreover, safe tree removal requires several rules and techniques that only an expert will understand. 

That’s not all; professionals are highly trained with time, so hiring experts will simply get your job done in no time.

Atlas Tree has the professionals you want to tackle dead tree removal tasks. No matter the size of your project, our certified arborists and licensed tree workers will get the job done safely and efficiently, whether it’s residential, commercial, or municipal.
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So, after going through our blog, you should now have a clear understanding of the ways you can remove a dead tree. However, even if you are confident enough that you can easily take down your tree, we’ll still recommend you seek professional assistance. This will not only ease your task but even ensure safety. So, think again before taking the saw in your hands!