How to Hire a Tree Removal Service – Top Questions to Ask

You can cut small parts of trees when some leaves or a little portion lean on your home, but when it’s bigger, you have to hire a tree service. But you should know how to hire a tree removal service to have the best company at your service.

First, you must check the tree service provider’s logistics, staff, insurance, policies, expertise, etc. You may just want to set the charge and get over with the tree removal task in hand, but it is necessary to know the company well before you hire it.

how to hire a tree removal service

How to Hire a Tree Removal Service?

It is necessary to follow some steps before hiring a tree care service. Please don’t rush here; otherwise, you may not get your work done well. Let’s see what things you should do while hiring a service provider for tree removal around your owned areas:

11 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Professional Tree Removal Service

  1. Check the Company License & Insurance

There are a lot of frauds around us who are not licensed companies for tree service, but they claim to be certified. That’s why you should cross-check if their claims are true or not, and you can verify if the certificates they are showing are real. 

Every tree service company has its insurance done for its own good, and thus, it reduces the estimated cost of a customer. A tree branch and wire repair may not cost much, but a dead tree with a damaged sewer line can cost a lot. So, checking the company’s insurance papers before hiring is essential. Moreover, personal property damage insurance and worker insurance can ensure financial security.

  1. Check Their Employees and Equipment 

It is important to have enough manpower, of course skilled, and abundant logistic support. Tree removal is not just cutting the bottom with a handsaw and removing it along the route. It is more than that; it needs harder labor if the tree is much older.

So, the service company must have sufficient vehicles and protective equipment for tree trimming and cutting; moreover, enough backups should be there to control mishaps. For example, while someone is removing a tree, the nearby wires can damage or tear during the process. So, the working team should bring the necessary instruments to repair the things they could damage while cutting trees.

  1. Select a Company & Check Reviews

Suppose you have a list of companies offering you tree removal services. You should go through the websites and check for any verified customer reviews. You will choose a professional tree care company with the most positive and genuine reviews. 

  1. Talk to Them About Charges and Policies

It’s better to estimate the total cost you need to spend on the tree removal, and you have to talk to the company you want to hire. Here, you must compare different service centers and find out which offers a better service at a reasonable price. So, comparison between services also comes in this step while taking details about the total charges and company policies.

Experts suggest that you should never agree if a tree service asks you to pay the whole amount to book its appointment. Though the renowned companies are not supposed to cheat, and you can trust them a bit, you can pay in advance the minimum amount.

  1. Take Permit if Necessary 

Some small tasks regarding tree removal don’t require permission, but some types of service may require a previous permit from the local authority. Here, the tree service can also help you determine whether you need a work permit and make it easy to get permission.

  1. Fix the Appointment 

Once you have compared all the tree services around you and verified each piece of information, you can finally make an appointment. You can finalize the date and explain to the team what work you want to do and how you will pay afterward.

  1. Have The Worker’s Information 

It will be better if you collect all the workers’ information from the service office who are supposed to come to your place. It will be easier to contact them, and It’s also safe. Save the customer service contact info because you may need to know many things, and consultations can help.

You can immediately report to the service center if any mishap occurs and notify them if you need extra help. 

  1. Get Your Work Done & Pay

When the day comes and the workers arrive, you should be there while they are working and monitor them without interrupting them. When they have finished working, you should pay the total or the rest of the amount if you have advanced some.

It is pretty easy to hire a tree service for different purposes, and the most time-consuming phase is when you’re researching the competitors.

  1. The Time to Complete the Task

Time matters a lot, especially when you’re hiring tree removal services. There are times when tree removal companies take more time to complete a task which can be an issue for you. So, to avoid such issues, always consult with the providers regarding the time it’ll take them to complete a task. 

  1. Safety Precautions

Tree removing is not an easy task and can also compromise safety. So, to prevent any mishappens, you should always consult with the service providers regarding the safety precautions they’ll be taking. If you are convinced of their safety consciousness, you can proceed to take their service.

  1. Their Behavior and Professionalism

Professionalism and behavior matter greatly, especially when hiring any service provider. So, when you take any tree-removing services, always emphasize their helpful and cooperative. And also take reports on their management and professionalism skills.

Warnings About Hiring Tree Services

Always know the complete detail regarding the company you choose. You should also see whether they are licensed and have all the necessary equipment to carry out the task with proper safety precautions. Moreover, looking through their reviews would help if you had a proper query regarding their time management and professionalism.

Top 13 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Removal Services

  1. Do they have a certified arborist on board? 

Tree removal arborist certification is important especially when you hire a tree care and management company. This ensures they have complete knowledge and authority regarding the work they do. 

  1. Will they provide an up-to-date certificate of liability insurance and a copy of their work contract for tree removal services?

It would help if you needed to inquire before taking any tree removal services. Furthermore, you need to ensure that everything is perfectly secured, and you’ll not stay liable for any damage.

  1. Does their company use professional subcontractors or temporary laborers?

Well, most professional companies use permanent and expert staff to deal with tree-removing tasks. However, they also take in temporary or part-time workers to carry out their tasks.

  1. What equipment will they be using?

Professional tree removal companies may use saws, electric machines, and tree clippers to cut down trees. However, other equipment types may be used to carry out their task perfectly. 

  1. What is their cleaning procedure?

Many service providers even ensure they clean your yard after tree removal. They may clean all the debris and dust that might have scattered in your yard.

  1. Can they provide a reference list?

Every high-quality and professional company is willing to share its customer list. You can then ask the customers about the agency’s performance and work reliability.  

  1. Will they provide you with a detailed estimate?

You can take the overall pricing and estimations of at least three companies for the same project and compare how they differ with the services and the prices. 

  1. How long will the tree removal process take?

Getting the proper estimation is essential since one company might tell 2 days to complete while the other might only take 2 hours. 

  1. Do they climb trees with spikes while pruning?

Unless it’s not tree removing, the service providers may not use spike as this can leave unhealthy wounds. 

  1. How do they minimize potential yard damage?

They carefully use all the safety materials and heavy equipment, minimizing any significant yard damage. 

  1. Do they promote “topping”?

This is not a good practice as this can cause issues to healthy hardwood trees. So, know the overall condition of your tree before proceeding. 

  1. Will they use personal protective equipment while on your property?

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), your service providers can use personal protective equipment for safety precautions. This is because all reputable service providers want the complete safety of their employees. 

  1. How long have they been in business?

You must know the years they have been active in their business. However, try to choose those agencies that have been active for at least a few years in this industry. 

When Should You Hire a Tree Service?  

You shouldn’t be cutting trees as it’s against the law and trees are the life of nature, but sometimes it gets necessary to cut them off, but when?

  • When the tree is dead, or in other words, when its leaves are dead & it has stopped blooming, you can cut it.
  • If any part of a tree gets in the house, it becomes necessary to remove the portion.
  • You can remove the whole tree if you notice holes and damage on the main trunk because there’s nothing you can do with it. You may get an official warrant to remove the trunk. 
  • Some trees may need to be removed if they catch any disease because some diseases are contagious and can spread quickly.

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Bottom Line

Getting a tree that may be hampering or requires removal can be removed if you know how to hire a tree removal service. If the removal process is clumsy, it’s better that you don’t do it yourself and hire a service. You should check the reputation, insurance, employee details, service policy, and total cost before you finalize one.