How to Find a Good Arborist or Tree Service – Detailed Guide

If you enjoy having plants around you, you must also know that some plants and trees require high maintenance and professional assistance. This is where you seek an arborist’s attention to help with your trees. 

To find an arborist, you need to obviously start by searching around your neighborhood for local assistance. You can also go through phone directories, online searches, or even seek your neighbor’s opinion on the best services.

arborist equipment
Arborist Equipment

These are some of the most common ways to search for an arborist with satisfactory reviews. However, if you want to know more about how to find an arborist, there are several other ways to do so with adequate information about them. 

Why You Need An Arborist? 

An arborist can help a lot with the development of your trees. Arborists are known to work with trees on the sidewalk as well as on private properties to ensure the trees can provide shade and a healthy environment in the neighborhood. 

Having an arborist can help you with the maintenance of the trees’ beauty, growth, development, and health. A professional will have adequate knowledge of a wide range of trees and know about their root’s growth underneath the ground. 

This will help ensure any part of the tree underneath the ground that is not visible to the eye is good and receives proper nutrients. 

An arborist will help with pruning, trimming, and shaping the leaves on trees and ensuring it has enough space to grow healthy and providing. Ideas on exactly how much to trim or prune on any tree are essential for healthy root and growth development. 

If a tree is infested with bugs, a professional and experienced arborist should know exactly how to treat it to bring it back to full life. 

Every tree is different from the others and requires to be treated accordingly. Not all pesticides and insecticides work for each tree; this is why it is important for your arborist to have vast knowledge and adequate experience. 

They will also be able to help you give an estimated idea of how to grow trees with adequate space in between placing each seed. This will allow the tree to grow far and wide with plenty of space to spread around branches. Arborists can also assist in uprooting or removing an old tree without causing any harm to other trees’ roots around the one being uprooted. 

Traits of a Good Arborist 

When choosing an arborist, it is ideally recommended to seek professional help. A passionate and well-experienced arborist should naturally express certain traits and quirks of being a professional. 

These quirks and traits of being a good arborist may vary from person to person. However, some of these traits are evident due to their love for nature, trees, and passion for their job. Some naturally interesting traits of a good arborist are as mentioned below – 


For the best results and optimum growth of trees, it is recommended to seek professional help. Opting for a certified arborist ensures you get quality output as well as the best care for the trees. 

A certified arborist should have a certificate of being acknowledged as a professional arborist. They are expected to go through extensively thorough training with various trees to expand their knowledge and ability to work with different types of trees. 

Certified arborists are highly knowledgeable about plants, the type of soil each plant requires, and other requirements, including sunlight. Soil aeration plays an important part in trees’ healthy development and growth, as insufficient aeration would cause the roots to die. 

Being a certified arborist also helps you take proper preventative measures for your trees if they seem to be dying or infested. Certified arborists are equipped with ideas on how to help a tree recover from infestation and seemingly dying. 

Years Of Experience 

Experience is very important for a reliable arborist. Their experience with different types of trees in different regions with varying climates helps them develop their knowledge and improve their skills. 

Working with different types of plants in different soils is vital to be a good arborist. Varying moisture content, texture, and temperature of the soil will give the arborist the opportunity to experiment and identify the ideal soil for certain trees. 

A good arborist is expected to have extensive experience with different types and kinds of trees, soil, temperature, and water content. All of these are known to vary vastly depending on the type of tree, the location, and the type of soil being used. 

A reliable and experienced arborist will know exactly what soil they need to grow certain plants. An arborist should be able to provide the ideal soil for the tree and ensures the moisture content is perfect for the tree. 

Proven Track Record 

Opting for a professional arborist will allow you to look at their track record to ensure their success rates and their trial and error processes. Proven track records can go a long way in providing the utmost care for your trees and ensuring their longevity. Track records will also help get a rough idea of their experience with trees and soils under varying circumstances. 

Viewing the track record, you can also get an idea of how passionate the arborist is with their dedication to trees. You can take a look at understanding how hard they might have tried to save a tree from infestation or from unsuitable soil. 

Their efforts to save a tree and help it grow to its full potential should be detailed on their track record. It helps clients like you decide if you want to work with them or not. 

Track records also share details about the arborists’ failures as well as their trials and errors trying to help a tree regrow. 

Good References 

A dedicated arborist with professional skills and good results will naturally earn the trust of their clients and seemingly obtain good references. Their outputs will give them the upper hand and make them a favorite among their clientele. 

This is why it is important to be thorough and careful when for clients, as this is how popularity and notoriety spreads. The better output an arborist provides, the more chances they have of being referred to other potential clients and ranking up in scale too. 

That being said, it is only natural to make mistakes and gather knowledge from them to improve. Regardless of your errors, as long as an arborist is able to resurrect a plant to full potential health, it will continue to gain more and more popularity. 

Having more good references will certainly help an arborist expand their horizon and work with more intricate and complex root systems, delicate branches, and sensitive to climate trees. Hence, it is recommended for an arborist to have good references for their output in order to become popular. 

Minimum Complaints 

A long list of complaints does no good for a worker, regardless of job type. Having minimum complaints for an arborist responsible for beautifying trees at parks, lakes, and sidewalks is especially important. Their work is going to be put out on display for everyone to see; hence, it is crucial to be immaculate and free of errors. 

Since it takes some time for a tree to outgrow once it has been worked on, an arborist is expected to work precisely to avoid complaints. 

Not only do minimum complaints help beautify the trees, but it also boosts the worker’s confidence. It will even help you to build confidence and promote motivation to offer error-free outputs that satisfy the clients. 

However, it is also equally as important to ensure that complaints aren’t capable enough to break their confidence. Some amount of complaints will help mold the arborist into shape and figure out the preferences of their clients. 

How To Find A Good Arborist? 

If you are new to a neighborhood, you have a wide range of options to help locate a reliable arborist to help with your tree assessment and its growth. Whether you want to hire a permanent or temporary service, there are many options you could look at to find a good arborist.

No matter the type of service you seek, whether it is for pruning, trimming, shaping, or caring for insecticides and pesticides, you need to know what kind of service you want. 

To find a good arborist, decide first on how frequently you want them to visit and what service to offer. Some common ways to locate a good arborist are as mentioned below – 

Local Listings And Reviews 

When you’re in a new neighborhood, it is always a good idea to accept all the suggestions from a local listing as well as your neighbors. It is vital to consider and contact whichever company or arborist you like from the listing, run a thorough background check, and review their reviews. 

This way, you will be able to have a few options for yourself and have the freedom of picking whoever seems ideal to you. It is recommended to find out as much about their experience and professionalism from local listings, so you pick the ideal arborist

Friends And Family 

Taking in suggestions from friends and family typically does not grant you a larger list of options to choose from. However, taking in their suggestions will certainly grant you some of the best and ideal arborists that have satisfied them. 

Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that even if you have a smaller range of options to choose from, you have the list of the bests available. 

You can also consult with your friends and families to help research certain arborists you’re interested in. This way, they will also be able to pitch in and help you make certain choices to take the load off of you. 


With the rise of online and digital presence for a business, it only makes sense to do a quick Google run down when searching for professional assistance. 

When moving to a new place or relocating, it is almost mandatory to do a quick Google search to take a look at your options. This not only provides you with an estimated idea of the services you can expect, among others. 

You can also go through reviews on certain companies and service providers about their services. After going through the reviews, you can easily pick out the best who meets all your needs and is ideal for your needs. 

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Bottom Line

Caring for trees can be incredibly therapeutic and calming for some people. While to others, it can seem a little daunting and scary due to the high level of maintenance that goes into it. The benefits of growing trees are insurmountable and require extensive knowledge of what and how to do so. 
In such cases that seem to be so daunting, it is often recommended to opt for a professional for help. So, we believe after going through this blog; you should now have a clear idea of how to find an arborist who can be your ideal partner for shaping your trees.